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(茶壺 京都の宇治茶を信楽の茶壺に入れ、江戸時代、一年に一度江戸の将軍に献上していた。その茶壺を扱うのは、決められた陶家で、三右衛門家は茶壺行事という信楽町長野にあった二軒のうちの一軒)


Hiromu Okuda has a family history of about 400 years as a potter called Sanemon.  During the Edo Era, high quality tea picked in Uji, Kyoto was stored in tea jars that were made in Shigaraki and were carried to Edo (Tokyo) for Shogun (the leader of a samurai clan) once a year. There were only two potter families in Shigaraki who were appointed to make such special tea jars for Shoguns and the Sanemon family was one of them.  Tea jars were made until the Meiji Era.  Hiromu’s father, grandfather and uncle devoted themselves to pottery.



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